Rachel + Justin, Pullman Backyard Wedding

This wedding was magical, and absolute proof that you don't need to spend crazy amounts on a venue to have a beautiful background for your wedding. The shining light here was the chemistry between Rachel and Justin, they were so low-key and adorable together. Their backyard was gorgeous, their dogs were eccentric and cute, and their family and friends were smiling and happy as they came to Rachel and Justin's day. I love elopements, I love spending a lot of one on one time with my couples, Rachel and Justin were a dream and I can't wait to finish their whole gallery in a couple of days! 2015-09-19_0001.jpg 2015-09-19_0002.jpg 2015-09-19_0004.jpg 2015-09-19_0006.jpg 2015-09-19_0005.jpg 2015-09-19_0007.jpg 2015-09-19_0008.jpg 2015-09-19_0009.jpg 2015-09-19_0010.jpg 2015-09-19_0011.jpg 2015-09-19_0013.jpg 2015-09-19_0014.jpg 2015-09-19_0012.jpg 2015-09-19_0016.jpg 2015-09-19_0015.jpg 2015-09-19_0017.jpg2015-09-19_0024 2015-09-19_0020.jpg 2015-09-19_0019.jpg 2015-09-19_0023.jpg 2015-09-19_0022.jpg 2015-09-19_0021.jpg