Sam + Nicole, Chateau Rive Wedding

These guys brought to mind that one Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...". We met last year and it was apparent right off the bat that they have something special between them. The day of the wedding reinforced that, and it was so full of love and joy it was hard not to get teary eyed. These guys were awesome. This wedding was awesome. I wish you guys the best!!2015-10-13_0001.jpg 2015-10-13_0005.jpg 2015-10-13_0006.jpg 2015-10-13_0003.jpg 2015-10-13_0004.jpg 2015-10-13_0007.jpg 2015-10-13_0008.jpg 2015-10-13_0009.jpg 2015-10-13_0010.jpg 2015-10-13_0011.jpg 2015-10-13_0012.jpg 2015-10-13_0013.jpg 2015-10-13_0014.jpg 2015-10-13_0015.jpg 2015-10-13_0037.jpg 2015-10-13_0036.jpg 2015-10-13_0017.jpg 2015-10-13_0016.jpg 2015-10-13_0030.jpg 2015-10-13_0029.jpg 2015-10-13_0019.jpg 2015-10-13_0020.jpg 2015-10-13_0021.jpg 2015-10-13_0022.jpg 2015-10-13_0023.jpg 2015-10-13_0024.jpg 2015-10-13_0025.jpg 2015-10-13_0026.jpg 2015-10-13_0032.jpg 2015-10-13_0033.jpg 2015-10-13_0031.jpg