Sam + Daneil, Idaho Campground Wedding

I don't even know where to start with Sam and Daneil! Do I talk about how they go to the dog park every day, (my stomping grounds too!) and we hadn't met yet? Do I talk about how adventurous and fantastic they are together, and how much fun they have? Or do I start by saying how they reconnected and found each other after so many years apart? These guys were 100% awesome, fun loving, and fantastic. Daneil was such an adventurer, her and Sam jumped into the lake at the end of the night, and we braved cold, leech filled waters to get some beautiful shots. I hope Sam, Daneil and Wookie have many happy, laugh filled years to come! 2015-10-24_0001.jpg 2015-10-24_0003.jpg 2015-10-24_0002.jpg 2015-10-24_0004.jpg 2015-10-24_0005.jpg 2015-10-24_0006.jpg 2015-10-24_0007.jpg 2015-10-24_0008.jpg

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