Lindsay + Dustin, Washington Backyard Wedding

I had the pleasure of taking care of Lindsay and Dustin's intimate backyard wedding this fall! You could tell they loved each other and their children so much, it shined throughout their day. They were such a laid back couple, and so cute together! I wish them all the best!!2015-12-05_0005.jpg 2015-12-05_0002.jpg 2015-12-05_0003.jpg 2015-12-05_0004.jpg 2015-12-05_0006.jpg 2015-12-05_0024.jpg 2015-12-05_0007.jpg 2015-12-05_0001.jpg 2015-12-05_0008.jpg 2015-12-05_0010.jpg 2015-12-05_0009.jpg 2015-12-05_0011.jpg 2015-12-05_0012.jpg 2015-12-05_0013.jpg 2015-12-05_0014.jpg 2015-12-05_0015.jpg 2015-12-05_0016.jpg 2015-12-05_0017.jpg 2015-12-05_0018.jpg 2015-12-05_0019.jpg 2015-12-05_0020.jpg 2015-12-05_0021.jpg 2015-12-05_0022.jpg 2015-12-05_0023.jpg