Mindy + Shawn, The Roosevelt Inn

Mindy and Shawn were married right before the holidays and it was so great being able to witness their love for each other at The Roosevelt Inn with all the Christmas spirit behind them. It was lovely spending their day watching how much they so obviously cared for each other. It was in every glance and look they sent each other throughout the whole day.   I wish them the best of luck in everything they do!2016-01-12_0001.jpg 2016-01-12_0002.jpg 2016-01-12_0003.jpg 2016-01-12_0004.jpg 2016-01-12_0005.jpg 2016-01-12_0006.jpg 2016-01-12_0007.jpg 2016-01-12_0008.jpg 2016-01-12_0009.jpg 2016-01-12_0010.jpg 2016-01-12_0011.jpg 2016-01-12_0012.jpg 2016-01-12_0013.jpg 2016-01-12_0014.jpg 2016-01-12_0015.jpg 2016-01-12_0016.jpg 2016-01-12_0018.jpg 2016-01-12_0019.jpg 2016-01-12_0020.jpg 2016-01-12_0021.jpg 2016-01-12_0022.jpg 2016-01-12_0023.jpg 2016-01-12_0024.jpg 2016-01-12_0025.jpg 2016-01-12_0026.jpg 2016-01-12_0027.jpg 2016-01-12_0017.jpg